This is a personal web site, run by Marco (of Encodo Systems AG), that caters to a small community of users. Its exclusivity is almost guaranteed by its obscurity.


Vrenelisgärtli from Sattelegg
The southern part of the Sihlsee
The Mythen from just outside Einsiedeln
The bridge over the Sihlsee
Part of the long climb up the Sattelegg
Looking down on the Sihlsee
We've had enough of each other
Squished between the rocks
Snuggling in the sunbeam
Sacked out in the cage (who turned off the fan?)
Pierre lounges in the sunbeam
Nighttime rabbits in the flowerpot
Pierre takes his turn in the dead-flower pot
Louis sits in the dead-flower pot
Louis looks out into the evil green beyond
Louis has breakfast 'Al Fresco'


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Fix the article-submission to include ... can be published from the form againWebcore
Fix button priorities in Projects to a...the "create job" button, if availableWebcore
Search controls are misaligned on the index pageWebcore
Upgrade password/cookie encryption to use BCryptWebcore
Rewrite the DB layer to use PHP DOWebcore


Lighter Chinese Chicken SaladSalads & Dressings
Buffalo Cauliflower BitesVegetables
Butternut Squash & Chickpea Coconut Curry (Crock Pot Recipe)Vegetables
Cranberry SauceSalads & Dressings
Cranberry Waldorf SaladSalads & Dressings


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