This is a personal web site, run by Marco (of Encodo Systems AG), that caters to a small community of users. Its exclusivity is almost guaranteed by its obscurity.


Pierre with his feet up on the wall
Louis takes the Ikea doll-bed for a spin
Closeup of the fluffy, fluffy boys
Waterfall Closeup
View up the Klöntalersee
View toward the dam on the Klöntalersee
Trees, sunshine and boats
Toward the Pragelpass
The Klöntaler "Incline"
The creek bed below the falls
Sunset over the road
Sunset over the Klöntalersee
Sunset over black glass
Shore of the Klöntalersee


Schema migration in Quino 1.13Programming
EF Migrations troubleshootingProgramming
When you really start learningQuotes
iTunes: another tale of woe in UXTechnology
An introduction to PowerShellProgramming
Capsule Movie Reviews Vol.2014.4Art, Film & Literature
Is Encodo a .NET/C# company?Miscellaneous


Make subscription viewsWebcore
Make “message area” at top of page.Webcore
Add resizable text box to available editorsWebcore
New UI for editing draftable entriesWebcore
Page title and breadcrumbs should convert quotes and special charactersWebcore


Lighter Chinese Chicken SaladSalads & Dressings
Buffalo Cauliflower BitesVegetables
Butternut Squash & Chickpea Coconut Curry (Crock Pot Recipe)Vegetables
Cranberry SauceSalads & Dressings
Cranberry Waldorf SaladSalads & Dressings


These areas are no longer actively updated but are retained for archival purposes.

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