This is a personal web site, run by Marco (of Encodo Systems AG), that caters to a small community of users. Its exclusivity is almost guaranteed by its obscurity.


They stamped their whole run flat
Pierre hides from the snowstorm
Pierre helps himself to the dead Mums
Louis flying up the stairs
Louis and Pierre in the snow
Little Lionheads all covered in snow
Foraging under the crust of snow
Weapons and camouflage in Sasso
Washroom in Sasso
Time to go
There it is (the gun emplacement)
The original cousins
The long approach tunnel in Sasso
Marco, Kath and Diana on the train in the mountain
Marco with large cannon
Laura presents the family tree


Capsule Movie Reviews Vol.2015.2Art, Film & Literature
How to think about thinking about theories of thoughtPhilosophy
Some clarity on Greek debtFinance & Economy
Geocities in 2015Design
Apapter: software that worksTechnology
Mouseless MacsTechnology
It’s all relativeQuotes


Change “quote_style” attribute to “quote-style”Webcore
Fix the user and group browsers to use...chooser rather than a separate windowWebcore
Add support for UTF-8 to text outputWebcore
Add support for UTF8 as the default encodingWebcore
Replace h2/h3/h1 with header (move to HTML5)Webcore


Plantain pancakesBreads
Crock-Pot Honey-Sesame ChickenPoultry
The Best Brown-Butter Chocolate-Chip CookiesCookies
Cauliflower StewSoups & Stews
Blueberry Apple CrispDesserts


These areas are no longer actively updated but are retained for archival purposes.

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