This is a personal web site, run by Marco (of Encodo Systems AG), that caters to a small community of users. Its exclusivity is almost guaranteed by its obscurity.


Trail in Russell Park
The old, old road at Russell Park
The elusive Rocky the Cat
Max and Marco walk in Russell Park
Max and Marco walk along the "road"
Max and Marco outside Russell Park
Fall colors in Russell Park
Creek in Russell Park
Autumn in Russell Park
Walking along the Arkansas River in downtown Pueblo
Seanie, Chloe and Sean walking up the wash
Seanie after his quick swim in the Arkansas River
Post-rattlesnake euphoria
On the canal boat in downtown Pueblo
Hiking in Pueblo Mountain Park
Angry rattlesnake #3


Who’s using up my entire SSD?Tips & Tricks
The Road to Quino 2.0: Maintaining architecture with NDepend (part II)Programming
Workfare instead of welfarePublic Policy & Politics
The Obama QuestionPublic Policy & Politics
The Road to Quino 2.0: Maintaining architecture with NDepend (part I)Programming
Optimizing compilation and execution for dynamic languagesProgramming
Extemporizing with Greg ProopsFun


User/group permissions should use groupsWebcore
Make sure endupdate always calls somethingTuneSync
Make application regain focus after loadingTuneSync
Add support for “copy” from the listTuneSync
Make sure saving progress works for non-existent filesTuneSync


Blueberry Apple CrispDesserts
Lighter Chinese Chicken SaladSalads & Dressings
Buffalo Cauliflower BitesVegetables
Butternut Squash & Chickpea Coconut Curry (Crock Pot Recipe)Vegetables
Cranberry SauceSalads & Dressings


These areas are no longer actively updated but are retained for archival purposes.

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